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Farthing Wood Reviews

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 3:54 pm    Post subject: Farthing Wood Reviews Reply with quote

Hello, I'm HeadphonesUK

I've always been a HUGE fan of Farthing Wood, and as such, I've now made my own series on my YouTube channel in tribute to the show

The series is an episode by episode critique/retrospective/riff on the series which pokes fun at some of the more goofy or silly moments, but also celebrates and praises the great and epic moments, the show indulges mild adult humour (e.g. some swearing and references to sex, drugs, alcohol and other mature elements) and references to other media (e.g. montages during actions scenes with rock music or using quotes from the movie 'Scarface' in place of Scarface's dialogue)

I did the entire first series last year, and I'm now in the middle of uploading the run of series two this year, and things have gone relatively well, but, I feel that many people who would enjoy the series (i.e Farthing Wood fans) are unaware of it, hence why I've posted this

While I do make light references to the books, I've not read them in their entirety, and I only mention parts in the show that were outright changed from the books (e.g. gender swaps, The Blue Foxes, personality changes and changes to the actual story)

If this sounds like something you are interested in seeing then please follow the link bellow, but, I just want to say that, due to this being a review, it's very opinionated, so, if there is something that I think about the series that you disagree with, then that's totally fine, but I request that you just be mature and constructive if you wish to add your own two cents

Quick bit to note, I have got a few running jokes in the series, so if you want to just catch up with the most recent episodes, here is the explanation for some of the running jokes:

I compared the Farthing Wood animals movement during the episode 'Who Shall Wear the Crown?' to a train, so I collectively refer to them as 'the train' most of the time

'The Cull Counter' is a counter of every time a character dies in the show

Due to Weasel calling Badger 'the biggest busybody in the woods' in the first episode, I continually imply that he could be a Facebook stalker

In his first episode, I compared Whistler to Jon Pertwee (aka the Third Doctor Who) and will make many Doctor Who-based jokes involving his character

I will often dub Scarface's lines over with quotes from the 1983 movie 'Scarface' with Al Pachino

Due to how the Great White Stag narrates in the second series, I will often compare him to Morgan Freeman

And so, with that out of the way, I hope you will enjoy my show
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