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Whom I Love-Adder/Sinuous fanfic, of course

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 10:16 pm    Post subject: Whom I Love-Adder/Sinuous fanfic, of course Reply with quote

On, Boldfox inspired me to write this story. I'll post a huge majority of the chapters so far, since they're pretty short.

Whom I Love
It was quiet. Sinuous dreamed he and Adder were watching twelve playful snakelings near the pond. One of them was following an amethyst colored dragonfly. Five others were playing with Toad (who appeared blue in the dream). One of the young males picked up a stick in his mouth and hit it on one of his sister’s head. She whirled and hissed at him. Adder turned and smiled at him. “Quite playful, aren’t they?” She asked.

‘Adder turned and smiled at him’

Outside the dream, Sinuous did not realize that rats surrounded him. He only knew when snapped awake, unable to breath. Everything else was a blur. Why were the rats doing this? Would he die? Could anyone see this? How would Adder react to the loss of her true love? After what seemed like an eternity later, everything went black. The rats, the badgers, Toad, and Adder all decided that he was dead.

+Chapter one+
The Warden’s Cat was starting to like outside strolls. He liked the feel of the wind blowing gently against his fur. It felt better than the fans the Warden put up in the summer to keep the cabin cool. As he walked, he saw a light blue snake lying still in the grass. He approached it, and gave it a gentle poke with his paw. He immediately pulled it back, fearing that the snake would jerk up and strike. It was hard to tell if the snake was dead or not. He wasn’t moving at all, and yet it seemed that he was breathing.

He had seen snakes sleeping and sometimes they were so still that they didn’t appear to be breathing. The Warden’s cat sat down and pondered for a moment. “I might as well go and get Rollo,” He finally told himself. He strutted off and found the great dog Rollo sleeping in front of his dog house. “Rollo!” The Warden’s cat shouted. Rollo yelped and snapped awake. “Oh, what is it, Cat?” He blubbered when he finally got to his senses. “I need your help, Rollo. I’ve found a snake and I’m not sure if it’s dead or not.” Rollo got up. “Oh, I hate having to deal with dead things. I remember when I had nearly killed Crow,” Rollo began howling loudly. The Cat’s ears folded down. “Rollo, shut up, and follow me!” The cat snarled. Rollo got up and followed him. “Oh, I’m so sorry; It’s just that all those memories come back easily. How I miss Bold and the weasels!”

“Stop fussing and shut up!” The cat was beginning to loose his patience. Rollo decided to be quiet. The cat finally found the snake again. “Can you tell if it’s dead or not?” He asked. Rollo leaned forward and sniffed it. “It’s hard to tell; snakes can make their enemies think they’re dead but they’re not,” Cat gently, carefully, nipped the snake’s side and jumped back, thinking it would strike him if he did so. “It didn’t react, but it’s still warm,” He said. “I think it’s a male snake; do you know what males do when they die?”
“Later, Rollo, later,” Rollo flipped the snake on its back and looked at the tail. “He’s alive; I don’t see anything,”
“Anything what?”
“Oh never mind,” Rollo rolled his eyes. Rollo gently picked up the snake in his mouth and carried it away. Cat noticed that Rollo was drooling all over it. They got to the Warden’s cottage; the Warden was outside, getting ready to go outside to find his dog and cat. “What is with my animals?!” The Warden grumbled to himself. Then, he saw the two come back, walking together. Rollo had a snake dangling in his mouth.

“What the-?” The Warden exclaimed. Rollo dropped the snake at the Warden’s feet. After that, Rollo went back to his dog house and flopped down inside it. The cat rubbed the Warden’s legs. The Warden picked up the snake, opened the door (the cat ran inside) and went in.

There were a few other animals in the Warden’s cabin, but they were close to being released. One was a black, grey, and brown rabbit, who was watching the Warden set the snake on the table. The Warden moved his gloved hand under the snake’s jaw, feeling for a pulse. Around the groove of the snake’s jaw, he managed to find a very faint pulse. He moved his hand around the snake’s body, and realized that it was barely breathing. He turned the snake’s head up so more air could get into its body.

+Chapter Two+
Sinuous woke up and coughed hard. His throat hurt and he couldn’t find any words to speak with. “What on earth happened to you?” A voice asked. He turned and saw the rabbit. “I…” Sinuous’ throat hurt when he spoke. “I don’t know,” He managed to blurt. “You were barely breathing, Snake; looked like you had half-suffocated.” The rabbit plopped down on her belly. “By the way, if you are to address me, you should know that I am called Warren.” She pawed her cage floor with her padless paw. “I’m Sinuous,”

Warren bobbed her head. “Quite an apt name for a snake,” She said. Warren looked back at him. "The Warden managed to get you breathing again, but you've been out for two days," Sinuous lurched back. "Two days!?" He gasped. "Yes, yes, two days," Warren bobbed her head again. "That was quite a coma you were in. What on earth did that to you?"
"Rats..." Sinuous muttered. "Bully and his rats must have done it. I remember waking up unable to breath...I was sure a huge rat was responisble for what happened to me," Warren cocked her head. "Interesting," She said. “What are you here for?” Sinuous asked. Warren looked up. “My Mum and Da were killed by the rats when I was a kitten; fortunately, the warden’s cat found me and my siblings and brought us here; the Warden takes good care of us and will be letting us back in the wild soon,” She said. Sinuous suddenly realized he was in the Warden’s lodge. “My mate…” He muttered under his breath. “What?” Warren asked. “I just remembered my mate! She must think that I’m dead!” Warren cocked her head. “Maybe she doesn’t know yet,” She said. Sinuous shook his head. “No, no, I know her; she finds things out quickly and…I don’t know what she’ll do in my case,” He looked worried. “When she finds out what happens to me…who knows what she’ll do,” Warren tapped her foot on the floor of her cage. “Don’t worry so much; you’re making her sound too important for you to loose-someone like the Farthing Wood Adder,”
“She IS the Farthing Wood Adder,”

Warren lurched back. “Oh; I see,” Sinuous looked around him, and realized that he, too, was in a cage; it was very large with plenty of places to hide. He went under a box and curled up inside it. He needed time alone to figure out what was happening to him. Why did the rats attack him and why was he strangled? Perhaps the rat that did the deed thought it would interesting to puzzle the Farthing Wood Animals if he had suffocated, rather than bitten through. He wanted to go back to sleep, but it was the thought of his dearly beloved mate that kept him awake. While he was here, he would think about what he would do when he was released. Would he go back to her? “No…as much as I want to, no,” He finally decided, but his heart and mind would not let him do so. “For her safety; I can’t go back to her or else I’ll put her in great danger!” His eyes felt moist as he made his decision. “I’ll go back when the rats leave…if they leave,” He shut his eyes and a tear ran down his face.

“I can’t see any of the Farthing Wood Animals…none of them,” He hid his head under his coils and rested there with a heavy heart. He had to stay away from all his friends for the sake of his true love and recently conceived offspring.

+Chapter Three+
“Adder, matey, please come out,” Toad looked into a hole near the rat base. “Go away!” Adder shouted from inside it. Toad did not move. “I know you’re upset but you can’t go on like this!”
“I can if I want!” Adder half sobbed inside the burrow. Toad looked in. “I’m going to miss Sinuous too, but you can’t miss him for the rest of your life!” Adder was silent inside the burrow. Toad sighed. “Be glad the rats didn’t kill me, Adder, or you’d be in a worse shape than you already are,” Adder hissed inside the burrow. Toad cringed and backed away. Spike suddenly scurried in. “Any luck, Toad?” He asked. Toad shook his head. “None at all, matey,”

“Get that filthy creature away!” Adder shouted, half sobbing. “Adder, it…it’s not my fault,” Spike spluttered. “I don’t care! I blame all you horrible rats for what happened to Sinuous!” Spike waved his paws around. “Adder, I did not know what Bully was up to! If there’s anything I want to do, it’s to help you!” Adder poked her head out of the burrow and stared hard at him through glassy eyes. “I don’t need your help, vermin!” Toad perked up. “Don’t say that, matey, if Spike wants to help you, let him,”

“What can HE do for me!? What can any rat do for me after they killed my Sinuous!?” Adder demanded. “Adder, we want to help you because we care about you; we don’t want to loose you; we don’t want to see you suffer like this!” Adder bowed her head and went back in. “Jussst leave me alone,” She sniffed. “Come on, Spiky,” Toad said. The two left the burrow.

Inside, Adder curled up and rested her head over her womb. She couldn’t help but think of the tiny babies that were finally starting to develop. Sinuous had promised her that he would be with her when they were born. She felt tears begin to well in her eyes and she cried softly into her coils. What would she do without Sinuous to help her with the snakelings?

+Chapter four+
A few days later, Sinuous was lying in the hiding box. He spent most of his time there, but occasionally, he would come out to speak with Warren, the cat, Rollo, or even all of them. But even with their company, he felt lonely. He missed Adder terribly. The cat jumped up on the table that Sinuous’ large terrarium was on. He cleared his throat and Sinuous poked his head out of the hide box. “Yes, what is it?” Sinuous asked. “The Warden thinks you are well enough to er…”
“Do you know what that means, Sinuous?”
Sinuous’ jaw dropped. “Yes I know what it means!” He did not look very pleased with the idea. The cat jumped down. “I hope you don’t have any discomfort,” He said. Sinuous’ eyes rolled back and he groaned. Of all the experiences he would face, it was this one of the ones he wanted least. He was hoping he would not see the Warden come with the ‘silver rod’ soon. To get his mind off this, he went back to the hide box and daydreamed about Adder. Suddenly, the lid of the terrarium lifted as well as the hide box. The Warden’s gloved hand reached in and gently picked up Sinuous behind the head.

There was another person with the Warden, who gently grabbed his tail. The next thing Sinuous knew, there was terrible discomfort in the left side of his “personal area” and he half yelped in shock. He heard the cat laughing madly somewhere behind the Warden. He turned his head (which made him even more uncomfortable) and saw Rollo shaking his head. “I don’t see how it’s so funny,” He said. “Because it is! Snakes don’t have that happen all the time, do they?” The huge amount of discomfort went away, but a small bit remained. He shuddered as he was put back in the terrarium. Immediately, he went back into the hide box and did not come out again for several hours. For some minutes, he listened to the humans mutter about something and heard the sound of a pen scribbling of paper.

It was dark when he came out again. Warren was sitting up sleepily. “It’s about time,” She yawned. “You should have seen the look on your face! It was absolutely hilarious!” Sinuous glared. “Thank you; I have lost even more of my dignity!” Warren fell on her back and cackled madly. “It’s not funny, Warren!” Sinuous snapped. Warren continued laughing and pounded her fisted paws on her cage floor. “Stop laughing, you stupid rabbit!” Sinuous was becoming very angry. “Let’s see how you feel when you have a probe up your…”
“Too much detail,” Warren sat up, waving her paw around. The cat crept around the corner. “I have more news.” He said. Sinuous and Warren looked at him. “The Sanctuary needs just a few more animals and the Warden has decided to take you there,”

Sinuous’ eyes widened. His heart skipped two beats and his eyes moistened. “The…the Sanctuary?” The cat nodded. “What’s wrong with the Sanctuary?” He asked. “My mate…” Sinuous whispered under his breath. The cat cocked his head. “What about her?” he asked. Sinuous shut his eyes tightly. “If I go to the sanctuary…I’ll never see my beautiful Adder again,”
“You said you’d never return to her to keep her safe,” Warren said. “I won’t return to her while the rats are here!” Sinuous snapped. He hung his head and suppressed a sob. “I’ll only go back when the rats leave!” He continued. Cat sighed. “I’m so sorry; unfortunately it seems that you can’t see her again,” Sinuous tried to hold his tears back. “I…I need a moment alone,” He went back into the hide box. Warren looked at Cat. “Is there anything we can do?” She asked. Cat shook his head. “No; we can’t do anything,” He sighed. Warren looked in the direction of the hide box. “I wish we could do something for him; from the way he reacted, he must really love his mate,” Warren said. “Not to mention, Sinuous believes that she thinks he’s dead,”

Cat sighed. “There’s still nothing we can do,” He said. “The Warden does not know that he chose a monogamous life; thinks he will lead life like a normal snake.” Warren looked at the box and sighed. “I don’t think he’ll get over this for a long time,”

Sinuous was curled up on the beaked moss inside the hide box. He was trembling, trying to hold back his tears. He did not want Adder to be alone; he did not want her to give birth alone. It was not fair on either of them. Some would have said that he needed Adder, but Sinuous knew that of all things, Adder needed him.

+Chapter five+
Ranger and Charmer were starting to get concerned about Adder; she only showed up when there was going to be a fight with the rats. They stopped at her burrow. “Adder?” Charmer called. Adder came out and looked at the foxes. “What do you want?” She hissed.

‘Adder came out and looked at the foxes’

Ranger cocked his head. “We were just coming to check on you,” He said. “Well, you don’t need to!” Adder hissed. “I’m perfectly fine, thank you!” She went back in. “Adder! Father’s worried about you, will you come and see him?”
Ranger looked at Charmer, and she looked at him. “Adder, please stop this, I know you’re upset, but,”
“You ssstupid fox!” Adder lunged out of the hole in the ground. “You’d be upset if your mate was murdered!” Charmer’s stomach sank and she looked at Ranger, who looked very uneasy. “Well, I…” Charmer began. “Save your excuses for another occasion!” Adder hissed. Charmer looked at Adder gently. “Adder, please come see my father,” She whispered. Adder looked down. “If you insist,” She sighed. Adder came out and followed Ranger and Charmer to Fox’s den.

Fox and Vixen looked up as Adder came down with Ranger and Charmer. “Thank you for fetching her,” Fox said. Ranger sat down. “Pleasure, sir,” he said. Charmer laid down next to him. “Now, Adder, I understand that you’ve been very unhappy lately. Before Sinuous…passed on…” Adder winced when Fox mentioned her mate. “…He told me that you miss Owl and Weasel,”
Adder nodded. “Very true…it’s gotten too quiet around here…”
“and then the rats murdered him and they almost did so with Toad,” Adder nodded again. “I know! I know! I’ve been very unhappy with these things! With Owl and Weasel gone and Sinuous dead I feel so alone! Not to mention Badger and Mole! There will be such a lack of things to talk about with Owl! And if she comes back with a mate…I won’t get to show off my handsome mate to her…”

“Life hasn’t been kind to you, has it?” Vixen asked. Adder closed her eyes and nodded. “Don’t get too upset, Adder,” Fox said gently. “We called you down here to see if there’s anything we can do to help…”
“Try doing the impossible; bring Sinuous back to life,” And Adder turned her tail and sped out of the den. “Adder!” Vixen called. Fox had a look of disappointment on his face. “Poor Adder; things have not been fair on her since Sinuous died; all she ever does now is go in all her favorite burrows to mourn and fight the rats. She’s become a lot more violent than normal,” He said. Vixen nodded. “I can’t believe how much Sinuous has changed her,” She said. “So much that it’s brought a painful blow down on her,” Ranger said.

“Badger would say that she’s changed even more since the journey…but now she’s almost accepted the change…but why?”
“Perhaps something else is changing her; what it is, I don’t think I know,” Charmer suggested. Ranger put his head on one side. “Good thought,” He said.

Adder, realizing she should have one last meal before her maternity fasting, started to look for a good sized meal. A frog would be too big for her to handle during her pregnancy, a mouse was too small, and she would hate to eat a rat as the last thing for fasting. She finally decided to search for the smallest frog possible. She had swallowed the very smallest she could find and then Toad came by. He put his hands on his hips. “ADDER! Why’d you do that!?” He snapped. “You know the rats have been killing off the frogs and then you go eating one!? Not to mention, you’ve been quite upset lately with loosing your mate; did you think about how I would feel if you killed off one of my relatives?!” Adder looked at him, licking her lips. “Be thankful this is the last one I’ll be eating in a long time,” She said. Toad cocked his head. “Eh?”

“Never mind,” Adder left the pond and went back in her hole. She coiled up and sighed. She felt a bit better with a full stomach and was assured that her young would have good nutriment while they were developing. Slightly satisfied, she closed her eyes and rested her head against her coils. For the first time in days, she finally fell asleep without struggle.
There we go; the first six chapters! I'm working on the twelth right now...Goodness, Sinuous got violent!

Offical Adder/Sinuous fan!

Thanks, Ladyfox!
My Website (dedicated to Adder and Sinuous):

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